Who wouldn't want to be able to relieve stress and not have to pick the mess up afterwards? Well you have come to the right place!

Come in - Pick your Package - Break Shit! There are different packages to choose from...alone breaking sh*t, with a friend breaking sh*t or with a group up to 4 breaking sh*t.

We provide the weapons and the gear that you will need to wear. MAKE SURE TO WEAR TENNIS SHOES OR BOOTS! If none are worn you WILL NOT be allowed to go into the actual "Rage Room".


Our Mission

We understand that sometimes people have a lot of anger, stress or anxiety built up...we want to help you release that in a safe and healthy way!  

Why we wanted to open the rage room!

There are many different reasons we wanted to open The Rage Room but here is our story. 

Chris and I are currently business owners of a Small Engine Repair shop as well as Brittany Haik Real Estate. We have always wanted to open a fun business that our entire family can be at instead of some at home/some at work. 

We were sitting on the couch one night after dinner and Chris said to me "I think we need to open up a rage room". Well me being me I said "Hell Yeah!" From that point on we have poured everything we can into opening this and making it amazing! It was a harder than normal process to find a location, as well as a company to insure us.....BUT WE DID IT! If you really want to do something you will find a way to accomplish it!

We want The Rage Room to be a place that people come more than once! We want people to have fun, feel comfortable, relieve stress, and know that they can come to us to let out anger on items instead of holding it all in...because that isn't good for your mental health!

Come Join Us Whenever You Feel The Need To Rage!