Who wouldn't want to be able to relieve stress and not have to pick the mess up afterwards? Well you have come to the right place!

Rage Room? What is that? In a phrase, destruction therapy*. It’s somewhere that everyday people, like you, can have the freedom to smash, break and crush items, and generally relieve stress. RAGE ROOM! provides a safe and fun environment to let people indulge in their destructive desires. You smash, we clean, what can be better? We offer many levels of smashing fun from a quick starter smash to team-building fun for 4.
Oh and we take care of the safety too.

We’ll provide you with:
Face mask
Hard Hat with Hearing Protection

As well as the Tools of Entertainment:

Engineer hammer (Hand held Sledge Hammer)

Baseball bat

Full Size Sledge Hammer


*The RAGE ROOM! does not claim to be a mental help or medical facility, we do not treat, give a diagnosis or provide medical therapy of any kind. We are classified as an indoor amusement park and entertainment only, if you feel that you have any mental or medical issues that need to be treated please see a licensed physician or obtain a referral. Thank You.

We provide the tools and the gear that you will need to wear. MAKE SURE TO WEAR TENNIS SHOES OR BOOTS! If none are worn you WILL NOT be allowed to go into the actual "Rage Room".


Our Mission

We understand that sometimes people have a lot of anger, stress or anxiety built up...we want to help you release that in a safe and healthy way!