"BYOBS" bring your own breakable shit

Bring your own box of stuff!

Pictures of your EX could make you feel better, political items would be an option, a flower vase from someone you dislike now.....the list goes on and on!

15 minutes to go to town!

* Choose your own music



The Smash Box

This package is great for our weekly visitors!

Enjoy 20 minutes of going to town on…

* 1 BIG item

* 2 plates

* 3 wine bottles

* Choose your own music



The Rage

This is a great package for ANYONE!

A room of random items enough for one person to DESTROY!

20 minutes to smash it all!

* Choose your own music



Full Hardcore

PERFECT package for couples or friends that want to do some smashing together!

A room full of enough objects to smash with a friend!

25 minutes to tear down!

* Choose your own music



Bust It Baby

Who wants to go all out on this group package?

Entire room full of breakable stuff for a group up to four!

30 minutes to go CrAzY!

* Choose your own music